Benchtop Centrifuge

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TGL-21 Shu Ke Centrifuge

Basic parameters: Max. speed 21000 r/min Max. centrifugal force 30810 xg Max. capacity 4×750ml(4000rpm) Rotational speed accuracy ±10 r/min Temperature control accuracy ±1℃ Temperature setting range -20℃~40℃ Timing range 1min~99H59...

High Speed Refrigerated Micro Centrifuge - Fast Cooling - Max. RCF 21380×g - Dlab D3024R

Product Features: Pre-cooling program ensures optimal protection of the samples before procedures. Guaranteed cooling to 2°C within only 7 minutes for both chamber and samples even at maximum speed and capacity...

Palm Micro Centrifuge - 7000 RPM - Quiet Operation - Dlab D1008

Key Features Ideal for microfiltration and quick spin-downs. Easy-to-use with dual start/stop function. 7000rpm fixed speedD1008 Compatible with 2mLx8 and PCR8x2 rotors. Quiet working condition, noise level ≤45dB. Rotor change...

Multi-Purpose Low-Speed Centrifuge - 300~6000 RPM - Pulsable - DLab DM0636

Price includes DM0636Multi-Purpose Clinical Centrifuge(standard package), with swing-out rotor, kit19400041 & 3-10ml/10-15ml/50ml/100ml basket 19400045/19400044/19400043/19400042   Key Features • Speed can be set from 300-6000rpm • Maximum capacity of the centrifuge: 100...

Low Speed Centrifuge - Dual Setting - 300~5000RPM - DLab DM0506

Key Features • Speed range from 300-5000rpm; • Rotor speed can be set and displayed by RPM or G-force; • Defined program by knob will be stored and activated when...

High-speed Refrigerated Micro Centrifuge - Dlab D1524R

Key Features Centrifuge chamber door with automatic adsorption door lock design, can be closed with a single finger. Pre-cooling: the compressor will automatically start cooling as long as the set temperature is lower than...

High Speed Mini Centrifuge - Various Speed - Dlab D2012plus

Key Features Powerful centrifugal force of 15100xg and max. speed of 15000rpm, ideal for various applications. Brushless DC motor quickly accelerates the rotor to set speed. Quiet working condition, low...

High Speed Micro Centrifuge - 24 Place Rotor - Dlab D3024

Key Features Patented multi-flow air cooling design ensures fast-cooling of the rotor and low energy consumption. Temperature display suitable for gentle handling of sensitive samples. Three-layer sealed rotor prevents accidental leakage during...

Hematocrit Centrifuge - 24 Place - Dlab DM1424

Key Features Speed range of 200~12000rpm. (max. RCF 13680×g) Precise control of speed and time. Easy operation with intuitive menu and easy-to-read display. Maintenance-free brushless DC motors. Pulse operation for...

Clinical Centrifuge - Programmable - 4500 RPM - Dlab DM0412P

Key Features Max. speed 4500rpm Rotor speed can be set in RPM/RCF 3 preloaded programs for fast operation of PRP/PRF/CGF application 9 programs for customization can be stored in memory...

Benchtop centrifuges use density to separate or concentrate particles suspended in liquid media. Tissue culture, RNA/DNA research, protein work, and cell harvesting are entirely accomplished with space-saving fixed- and variable-speed tabletop or benchtop centrifuges. They are a large category of centrifuges distinquished by their modest footprint on the bench. Tabletop centrifuges, High-speed Refrigerated Micro Centrifuges, High-Speed Mini Centrifuges, High-Speed Micro Centrifuges such as the D1524R, Palm Micro Centrifuges, Hematocrit Centrifuges, and PRP PRF Centrifuges are just a few of the options available.

Benchtop centrifuges, commonly known as tabletop centrifuges, have lower throughputs than floor models and can hardly generate high-end g-forces, but they can handle most applications and he low working level of noise from these centrifuges is the critical advantage for avoiding distractions when using them at the benchtop. They tend to be ideal for labs with small capacity and a wide range of uses. Tabletop centrifuges are built with high-quality materials for durability and strength, as well as extensive chemical resistance, to provide the uptime and consistency you would expect from the lab workhorses.

Low-speed centrifuges for diagnostics in clinics; high-speed tools for full-cell harvesting and several nucleic acid apps; multipurpose centrifuges with a swinging bucket or fixed-arm rotors and now the specialized cell washers specialized for cleaning the red blood cells are among the tabletop models.

Here's a quick rundown of some of the most prevalent benchtop systems considerations for small laboratories if you're looking to replace or first purchase. All of them are made by lab firmswith a long and rich record of quality and dependabilitv.
With so many options on the market, it is essential to understand the most suitable centrifuge. When selecting a centrifuge, keep three things in mind: your needs, specifications, and overall cost.