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Sku: LS368-001
Categories: PCR & qPCR
This product is transported at room temperature; Stored at 2~8℃, shelf life is 12 months; Stored at -20℃, shelf life is 36 months.

Product characteristics

1. no serum, clear chemical composition.

2. Without cooling procedures, it can be directly stored in the -80℃ refrigerator.

3. Cell recovery rate was above 90%.

4. 2~8℃ can be stably stored, without freezing, ready to use.

Cell resuscitation procedure

The frozen cells were removed and immediately thawed in a 37℃ water bath.
After the cell mixture in the cryo-storage tube was completely melted, the cells were immediately transferred into a centrifuge tube containing 5 mL cell medium, and the cells were collected by centrifugation (refer to centrifugation conditions: 800~1,000 rpm, 5 min).
Carefully remove the supernatant. Add appropriate amount of fresh cell medium, mix gently, and transfer the cell mixture to the culture container marked;
After microscopic examination, routine cell culture can be carried out according to specific research needs and methods.

Cell cooling procedure (For your safety and health, please wear lab coat and disposable gloves.)

Adherent cells or suspended cells in logarithmic growth stage were collected in centrifuge tubes and counted.
Cell suspension was placed in a centrifuge tube and cells were collected by centrifugation (refer to centrifugation conditions: 800~1,000 rpm, 5 min). Thoroughly remove the supernatant in the centrifuge tube;
Appropriate amount of cell freeze solution was added into the centrifuge tube and cell concentration was adjusted to 5×105~5×106 cells/mL. Gently mix to make cell frozen suspension;
The cell cryopreservation suspension in the centrifuge tube was divided into labeled cryopreservation tubes;
The cryopreservation tube containing cell suspension was directly placed in the -80℃ refrigerator for long-term cryopreservation.
If liquid nitrogen is needed for storage, it should be placed in the -80℃ refrigerator overnight and then transferred to the liquid nitrogen tank.

Verified cell

Cells verified so far: HEP3B, SNU-387, SNU-423, HLE, JHH-7, A375, A2058, A431, HEK-293, Hela, A549, NCI-H460, CHO, MCF-7, HepG2, C2C12, COS7, DU145, MDCK, NIH-3T3, MSC, PC12, RAW264.7, 769-P, HK-2, T24, M14, U87, U251, 293FT, Jurkat, Raji, K562, HCCLM3, Vero, MC3T3-E1, HCT116, H9C2, SiHa, SK-OV-3, etc.

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