Multichannel Pipettes

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Multi Channel Pipette - Adjustable Volume - Half Autoclavable - Dlab MicroPette

Features • 8 and 12 channel pipettes are appropriate for 96 well plates• Dispensing head rotates for effortless pipetting convenience• Individual piston and tip cone assemblies allowing easy repair and...

Multi Channel Pipette - Autoclavable - Fixed Volume - Dlab MicroPette Plus

Features Dispensing head rotates for effortlesspipetting convenienceIndividual piston and tip cone assembly allow for easy repair and maintenanceCompound material-made tip cone secureshigh sealing performanceCompatible with most universal tip brandsOnline calibration...

Multi Channel Pipette - Adjustable Volume - Autoclavable - Dlab MicroPette Plus

Features Fully autoclavable (121℃) Ergonomic design provides excellent operating experience Easy-to-read volume display The pipettes cover the volume range from 0.1μL to 5mL Easy calibration and maintenance Manufactured from chemical-resistant materials...

Working in the lab often means you get to a place where you have so many samples of the same substance that you need to measure out on to a test. While electronic pipettes feature high accuracy, Biofargo's multichannel pipette comes in handy in such a situation since it can help dispense an equal amount of liquid or sample at the same time. We offer you the 8 channel pipette and 12 channel pipette ranging from different volumes. Your decision on the kind of multi pipette will depend on your current needs.
To ensure accuracy, Biofargo offers you free online calibration for these adjustable multichannel pipettes. That way, there is little to no room for error. You do not have to worry that you will make mistake when using these pipettes and you can easily get the same quantity of samples at the same time. It makes it easy for you to carry out multiple experiments and ensures that whatever results you get are accurate. Many labs carrying out testing on a larger scale prefer this because it is easier and accurate. These pipettes can be easily cleaned up which adds to the appeals they have.