Electronic Pipettes

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Electronic Pipette - Autoclavable - Adjustable Volume - Dlab dPette

Features • High accuracy, high-performance stepper motor ensures accuracyand repeatability, eliminating manual pipetting errors• A motor-driven digital control pipette with multifunction• 2 buttons handle all operational settings• Lightweight, ergonomic design,...

The one thing you need to look at when it comes to using Biofargo's pipettes is how accurate they will be. If you are working with many samples, then an electronic pipette is the best option for you. Electronic pipettes are also known as digital pipettes. With this kind of pipettes, you get accuracy even if you are dealing with one sample. Most researchers embrace these pipettes because of the perks they come with.
For one, electric pipettes retain their own charge which they can use for days on end. Even if this charge was to run out, they can still be used as they are getting charged. With the charging system going for days, you are sure that you will get your time and money worth out of it. The other thing that makes this a great addition to the charge is the fact that you can use a regular electronic pipette or multichannel pipettes. You do not have to settle for a one-size-fits-all. With this perk that means you get a pipette that will work for you and your current needs. Electronic pipettes have not been embraced by many but those who have used admit that it offers better results than traditional pipettes.