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YeaRed is a unique oily macromolecule that can't penetrate cell membranes into cells. It is not easy to be volatile and sublimation and the human body will not inhale. The Ames test results also showed that YeaRed is completely mutagenic at gel staining concentration and is a safe and non-toxic nucleic acid dye. YeaRed has the same spectral characteristics as EB, and there is no need to change the filter and observation device (ordinary UV gel transilluminator), and the UV light excitation detection at 300 nm is sufficient. YeaRed is suitable for dsDNA, ssDNA, and RNA staining in agarose and polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis, and can be stained by glue dyeing method or bubble dyeing method, which is very convenient and flexible to use.

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