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When cells undergo apoptosis, they activate endonuclease enzymes that cut the genomic DNA between nucleosomes. DNA ladder of 180-200bp was detected by electrophoresis after DNA extraction during apoptosis.
TUNEL (TdT mediated dUTP Nick End Labeling) Apoptosis detection kit (Alexa Fluor 488) can be used to detect nuclear DNA fragmentation in the late apoptotic process of tissue cells. The principle is that under the action of Terminal Deoxynucleotidyl Transferase (TdT), Alexa Fluor 488-12-DUTP is incorporated into the 3′ -hydroxyl (3′-OH) Terminal exposed during genomic DNA break. Thus, it can be detected by fluorescence microscopy or flow cytometry.
Alexa Fluor 488 dye is more stable and has a stronger signal, resulting in brighter markers and greater resistance to quench.
This kit has a wide range of applications and can be used to detect apoptosis in frozen or paraffin sections, as well as in cultured adherent or suspended cells.

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