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Product Description:

GSPure® T7 Thermostable and High Yield RNA Synthesis Kit can perform efficient in vitro transcription at 37~52℃, with the optimal temperature being 37℃. It retains over 60% activity even under reaction conditions of 50℃, while the wild-type has no activity at this temperature. In the 30µL standard system, 1µg template input can produce 250-300µg of product, and maintain excellent transcription effects at 6000nt length.

GSPure®T7 Thermostable and High Yield RNA Synthesis Kit can efficiently synthesize multiple types of RNA in vitro, such as mRNA, lncRNA, shRNA, etc.


The RNA obtained with this kit is suitable for a variety of downstream applications, such as RNA structure and function studies, antisense RNA and RNAi experiments, microarray analysis, microinjection, in vitro translation, and RNA vaccines.


Product Features:

  1. Improve the transcription efficiency of RNA with high GC content;
  2. Improve the synthesis ability of long RNA fragments;
  3. Improve the capping efficiency of co-transcription when using cap analogues;
  4. Reduce the formation of dsRNA by-products and reduce the immunogenicity of synthetic RNA.

Performance comparison

High thermostability


Fig.1: GSPure® T7 Thermostable and High Yield RNA Synthesis Kit remains active and transcripts efficiently at 50℃.

Wide range of transcription lengths


Fig.2: GSPure® T7 Thermostable and High Yield RNA Synthesis Kit maintains excellent transcription results when synthesizing transcripts of 300~6000nt length.

High transcription yield


Fig.3: In the 30μL reaction system of GSPure® T7 Thermostable and High Yield RNA Synthesis Kit, 1μg of DNA template can synthesize 250~300μg of RNA.


Kit Contents:


50 reactions

T7 RNA polymerase mix

100 µL

10X Reaction buffer

150 µL

ATP (100 mM)

100 µL

UTP (100 mM)

100 µL

GTP (100 mM)

100 µL

CTP (100 mM)

100 µL

Control template(0.5 µg/µL)

10 µL

DEPC-treated Water

1000 µL

DNase I

100 µL


Product information

Product Name



GSPure® T7 Thermostable and High Yield RNA Synthesis Kit


50 rxns


Storage and Handling:

Store the kit at -20 °C. The kit is stable for at least one year from date of receipt.


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