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PEI 40000 is a highly charged cationic polymer with a molecular weight of 40,000 that binds negatively charged nucleic acid molecules very easily, forming a complex and allowing the complex to enter cells. PEI 40000 is a transient transfection reagent with low cytotoxicity, high transfection efficiency, and high gene expression efficiency in cells such as HEK293 and CHO.

PEI 40000 has many advantages over PEI 25000 Transfection Reagent. include:

1. PEI 40000 is easy to dissolve and can be directly dissolved in water. PEI 25000 needs to first adjust the water to weak acid to help it dissolve, and then use NaOH to adjust the pH to neutral.

2. PEI 40000 is easy to operate, easier to use, and has a better transfection effect than PEI 25000; 3. PEI 25000 contains 4-11% propionyl residues, which can prevent the polymer backbone from binding to DNA. Compared to PEI 25000, PEI 40000 is a complete shed construction, so its performance is consistently efficient.

This product is an instant type, which dissolves quickly and is easy to prepare.

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