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The MycAwayTM Plus-Color One-Step Mycoplasma Detection Kit is a rapid detection product for mycoplasma contamination in cell culture which was developed based on the unique isothermal amplification technology of YEASEN. Compared with the previous mycoplasma detection products, this kit is optimized and has greatly reduced the false positive rate, improved the accuracy of the test, and enhanced the identification of negative and positive results. At the end of amplification, the sample can be left at room temperature for a period of time without the change from negative to positive, and thus will not affect the judgment of the results.

The principle is that if the cell culture is contaminated with mycoplasma, the conserved sequences of mycoplasma DNA will be amplified heavily and rapidly, causing the color of the reaction solution to change from blue-purple to sky-blue, and the result is visible to the naked eye, without electrophoresis.

MycAwayTM Plus-Color One-Step Mycoplasma Detection Kit can detect multiple mycoplasma species, including eight that are common in cell culture. The traditional nested PCR method for mycoplasma detection is susceptible to influence by the inhibitors in cell culture supernatant and showed a false-negative result. Also if needed to perform the electrophoresis, cap opening may increase the contamination and lead to a false-positive result. The one-step mycoplasma detection kit has none of these disadvantages, also its detection sensitivity and accuracy are much higher than those of the PCR method.

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