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Mycoplasma contamination often occurs during the cell culture process, but as it’s too small and difficult to be detected by the naked eye and microscopic equipment, so the mycoplasma contamination is often difficult to be found when it occurs. This undoubtedly increases the difficulty of the mycoplasma detection and removal, so it is particularly important to do a good job in the prevention of mycoplasma.

Not only the materials or places such as cell culture plate, culture reagent, super clean table or biosafety cabinet are easy to be contaminated by the mycoplasma, the water dish in the cell incubator and water bath is also the potential environment that may cause mycoplasma pollution. In order to protect your cells from the influence of mycoplasma, in addition to providing the direct removal reagents for mycoplasma, YEASEN also provided the Mycoplasma prophylaxis reagents to prevent mycoplasma contamination of normal cells, which included preventive reagent (directly added into the cell culture medium), preventive spray, preventive reagent for water dish in cell incubator and water bath (directly added in proportion).

This product is a mycoplasma preventive reagent for water bath. It is provided in the form of 500× concentrated solution. It is recommended to clean the water bath first and then add the diluted (1×) preventive reagent.

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