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Mycoplasma contamination often occurs in the process of cell culture, but it is difficult to be detected by naked eyes and microscopic equipment because of its particularity. Therefore, it is particularly important to prevent mycoplasma. Mycoplasma contamination can be effectively prevented by adding Mycoplasma Prevention Reagent to the culture medium.

Because mycoplasma lacks the cell wall, conventional antibiotics are generally ineffective. This product combines the commonly used antibiotics with bacteriostatic effect on mycoplasma and is prepared into a mixture through an optimized ratio. Its core components are quinolones, tetracycline derivatives and macrolide antibiotics. On the basis of mycoplasma elimination reagent, this product further optimizes the concentration of three antibiotics to ensure that it is no harm to cells while inhibiting the growth of mycoplasma. This product is 2000× mother liquor, which needs to be diluted to the concentration of 1×. The application method is consistent with the method of adding two antibodies in cell culture.

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