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Eukaryotes mRNA forms a special structure at the 5'end after transcription, which is the cap structure. The cap structure plays an important role in the stability, transportation, and translation of mRNA. The vaccinia virus capping enzyme is an effective enzyme that can catalyze the formation of the cap structure. It"s composed of two subunits D1 and D12. It also has RNA triphosphatase activity, guanylate acyltransferase activity, and guanine methyltransferase activity that could connect the 7-methylguanine cap structure (m7Gppp) to the 5'end of the RNA (m7Gppp5'N). Vaccinia virus capping enzyme can cap the RNA in correct direction within one hour when present at a suitable concentration of capping buffer, guanosine triphosphate (GTP), S-adenosylmethionine (SAM), etc.
This product is produced by GMP process requirements and provided in a liquid form, used for in vivo/in vitro pre-translation mRNA capping reaction or mRNA 5'end labeling reaction.

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