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Sku: 10185ES50
Categories: Direct PCRReagent

This kit can directly and quickly conduct PCR amplification of mouse tissue (such as mouse tail, mouse ear, mouse toe, muscle, etc.), and has strong sample compatibility. Equipped with a powerful lysis buffer, this kit can rapidly lyse samples and release genomic DNA. The lysate can be directly added to the PCR reaction system without purification, and the operation is convenient. In addition, this kit requires low sample input, and 5 mg mouse tissue or 1-5 mm mouse tail can be used for experiments.
The 2× Mouse Direct PCR Mix provided by this kit is a hot-start PCR reaction solution with a 2-fold concentration. It contains all the components used for PCR amplification except the template and primers, which greatly simplifies the operation process and reduces the chance of contamination. The kit can be used for transgene identification, mouse genotyping, etc.

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