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HifairⅡ1st Strand cDNA Synthesis Kit (gDNA Digest plus) is a cDNA first strand synthesis kit containing gDNA removal steps. This kit is based on Hifair II Reverse Transcriptase. The thermostability of this enzyme has been greatly improved, and it can withstand the reaction temperature up to 50℃. It is suitable for the reverse transcription of RNA templates with complex secondary structures. At the same time, the enzyme enhances the affinity with the template and is suitable for reverse transcription of a small number of templates and low-copy genes. HifairⅡ The ability of Reverse Transcriptase to synthesize full-length cDNA has also been improved, which can expand to 10 kb of cDNA.

The kit contains a gDNA digester, which can remove the genomic DNA contamination left in the RNA template and ensure more reliable follow-up results. The kit provides two kinds of cDNA synthesis primers: Random Primers N6 and oligo (dT) 18. Users can select Random Primers N6, Oligo (dT) 18, or Gene Specific Primers as reverse transcription primers as required. The synthesized single-strand cDNA products can be directly used for subsequent PCR or qPCR reactions.

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