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Sku: 11211ES03
Categories: qPCR kit/ mixReagent

Hieff Unicon Universal Blue qPCR Master Mix (Dye Based) is a pre-solution for 2×real-time quantitative PCR amplification characterized by high sensitivity and specificity, is blue in color, and has the effect of sample addition

This product is a 2× Mix pre-mixed reagent that enables up to four fluorescent quantitative PCR reactions in a single reaction well. This product contains the genetically modified antibody method to hot-start Taq enzyme, greatly improving the amplification sensitivity and specificity. At the same time, this product has deeply optimized the multi-reaction buffer, which can improve the amplification efficiency of the reaction and promote the effective amplification of low-concentration templates. This product can be used for genotyping and multiplex quantitative analysis.

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