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Sku: 11184ES03
Categories: qPCR with dyeReagent

Hieff Unicon?Universal Blue qPCR Master Mix (Dye Based) is a pre-solution for 2×real-time quantitative PCR amplification characterized by high sensitivity and specificity, is blue in color, and has the effect of sample addition tracing. The core component Hieff Unicon?Taq DNA polymerase?uses antibody hot start to effectively inhibit non-specific amplification due to primer annealing during sample preparation. At the same time, the formula adds the promoting factors to improve the amplification efficiency of PCR reaction and equalize the amplification of genes with different GC contents (30 ~ 70%), so that quantitative PCR can obtain a good linear relationship in a wide quantitative region. This product contains special ROX Passive Reference Dye, which is applicable to most qPCR instruments. It is not necessary to adjust the concentration of ROX on different instruments. It is only necessary to add primers and templates to prepare the reaction system for amplification.

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