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Hieff Trans Liposomal Transfection Reagent is a versatile liposome transfection reagent, suitable for DNA, RNA, and oligonucleotide transfection, with high transfection efficiency for most eukaryotic cells. Its unique formula allows it to be added directly to the medium, and the presence of serum does not affect transfection efficiency, which reduces the damage to cells caused by serum removal. There is no need to remove the nucleic acid-Hieff Trans complex or replace it with a fresh medium after transfection, and it can also be removed after 4-6 hours.

Hieff Trans is supplied in sterile liquid form. Usually, for 24-well plate transfection, about 1.5 μL each time, 1 mL of Hieff Trans can do about 660 transfections; for a 6-well plate, about 6 μL each time, 1 mL of Hieff Trans can do about 660 transfections. 160 transfections.

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