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Sku: 40806ES01

Hieff Trans in vitro siRNA/miRNA Transfection Reagent is a PEI cationic, amphiphilic transfection reagent developed for the transfection of siRNA into mammalian cells. Suitable for transfection of siRNA and miRNA. This transfection reagent encapsulates siRNA or miRNA to form a cationic complex, which interacts with negatively charged proteoglycans on the cell surface and adsorbs on the cell surface, enters the cell through endocytosis, and forms an inclusion body. The transfection reagent acts as a proton sponge, which can absorb H+ in the lysosome, and the continuous influx of protons causes the complex to swell and rupture, thereby releasing the exogenous siRNA or miRNA into the cytoplasm.
This product can achieve over 90% expression efficiency of 1 nM siRNA in a wide range of cell lines, avoiding off-target effects. Suitable for transfection of a variety of cells, including Hela, MCF-7, HepG2, CHO, and other adherent cells; and difficult to transfect suspension cell lines, such as K562 or THP-1 cells, can achieve 80% silencing efficiency; Including some primary cells, primary human fibroblasts, and primary human hepatocytes, etc., the silencing efficiency of 80% can be achieved.

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