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Sku: 31303ES60

Hieff Double-Block Anti-Taq DNA Polymerase Antibody is a double blocking Taq DNA Polymerase monoclonal antibody for hot start PCR. It can inhibit the activity of 5 '- 3' polymerase and 5 '- 3' exonuclease after binding to Taq DNA Polymerase, which can effectively inhibit the nonspecific annealing of primers and the nonspecific amplification caused by primer dimer at low temperatures. In addition, the product can effectively prevent probe degradation. Hieff Double-Block anti-Taq DNA Polymerase Antibody is denatured in the initial DNA denaturation step of PCR reaction, through which the activity of DNA polymerase is restored to achieve the effect of hot start PCR. It can be used under the condition of routine PCR reaction without special inactivation of antibodies.

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