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Enhanced ECL Chemiluminescent Substrate Kit is designed to detect antibodies and associated antigens directly or indirectly labeled with horseradish peroxidase (HRP). The principle of Enhanced ECL Chemiluminescent Substrate Kit is that proteins or nucleic acids were transferred to the imprinted membrane after electrophoresis, and the target proteins on the membrane were bound by primary antibody and secondary antibody labeled with HRP, or the nucleic acids on the membrane were bound directly or indirectly by probes labeled with HRP. After washing the membrane, the ECL working solution prepared by the product was used to incubate the membrane at room temperature for several minutes. The imprinted membrane was wrapped with plastic wrap and fixed to the X-ray exposure Cassette. Then the X-ray film is pressed on the membrane in a darkroom and exposed for several seconds to several hours. After development and fixing, protein or nucleic acid bands can be clearly displayed on the X-ray film.
This kit has a unique luminescent substrate system, reducing the exposure background while introducing a new oxidant greatly improves the stability of the kit, allowing it to be stable at room temperature for up to one year. In addition to X-ray, fluorescent CCD scans can also be directly used mainly for WB detection and chemiluminescence immune detection systems.

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