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The Coomassie brilliant blue staining method is often used in the laboratory to stain the isolated proteins on the gel. It not only overcomes the limitation of the low sensitivity of amino black staining, but also is easier to operate than silver staining. Coomassie brilliant blue is widely available in G250 and R250. Coomassie brilliant blue G250 is often used in the determination of protein content because of its rapid binding reaction with protein. Coomassie brilliant blue R250 reacts slowly with proteins, but can be eluted off, so it can be used to stain electrophoresis bands.
This product is designed based on the Coomassie brilliant blue staining method for protein staining. Compared with traditional stain solution, this product is a new type of PAGE dyeing reagent, which does not contain toxic or irritating substances such as methanol and acetic acid. Its unique formula enables the function of surfactant stripping, protein fixation, protein staining, shielding non-protein area coloring at the same time. 8-10 minutes to finish PAGE protein staining without decolorization. The resolution of dyeing is equivalent to that of traditional staining methods. The stained protein bands or protein spots can be used for high efficiency electroelution and are suitable for protein spectrum analysis.

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