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Bradford method is one of the most sensitive methods used to determine protein concentration. It is based on the Bradford dye (Coomassie brilliant blue G250) and protein combination, the maximum absorption peak of dye from A456 to A595, and the determination of the absorption value and protein concentration is proportional to the principle of design. The method can calculate the protein concentration by the light absorption value and realize the rapidity and simplicity of protein concentration determination. High sensitivity, about four times higher than Lowry method, the lowest protein detection can reach 1 μg. The determination is fast and simple, requiring only one reagent, and is not affected by the chemical reagents in most samples.
Our company provides two sizes of Bradford protein concentration detection kits, the colorimetric method can be used 125 times, and 625 times respectively. The enzyme labeling method can be used 500 times and 2500 times respectively.

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