qPCR kit/ mix

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Monkeypox Virus Real Time qPCR Kit(UDG plus)

Monkeypox Virus Real Time qPCR Kit (UDG plus) is a PCR kit for the detection of the monkeypox virus. Contains monkeypox virus primer probes, using the company's new-generation antibody method...

Hieff Unicon Universal TaqMan multiplex qPCR master mix

Hieff Unicon Universal Blue qPCR Master Mix (Dye Based) is a pre-solution for 2×real-time quantitative PCR amplification characterized by high sensitivity and specificity, is blue in color, and has the...

Hieff Unicon qPCR TaqMan Probe Master Mix

The product is a premixed solution for 2× real-time quantitative PCR amplification by the probe method. The antibody hot-start UNICONTM DNA Polymerase used can effectively inhibit the amplification caused by...